1. Exchange Information 2. Identify and Develop Priorities 3. Coordinate Efforts
1.1 Rapidly disseminate new data and information developed by participating agencies 2.1 Identify and evaluate promising vaccine strategies 3.1 Identify and monitor ongoing and future R&pD approaches
1.2 Monitor developments in malaria vaccine R&D efforts outside of the federal government 2.2 Identify and elaborate critical pathways for product development and evaluation 3.2 Identify and review potential or perceived duplications of efforts
1.3 Provide informed and coordinated responses to requests for information and opinions 2.3 Identify and address critical technical obstacles and resource limitations 3.3 Encourage and facilitate high-level interactions among departments and agencies to improve coordination of efforts
1.4 Inform and advise members about manufacturing, production, regulatory, clinical testing, and implementation issues 2.4 Advise participating agencies regarding milestones and endpoints for product development, evaluation, and implementation 3.4 Propose, facilitate and monitor new collaborative efforts
  2.5 Advise funding agencies of areas requiring increased emphasis 3.5 Encourage greater participation in malaria vaccine development by the non-government sector